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Go to the bar, watch a movie in the cinema, visit a Strip Club, play darts with two main characters. Choose a number and then an option to Hang out. Getting 100% completion rewards you with an achievement. What is more, a spaceship appears high over the Fort Zancudo.
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Fort Zancudo Fort Zancudo is a heavy equipment mine. The mysterious military base is hidden behind a west side of San Andreas. You will be nearby it several times during your missions, but probably you won't get inside - which is worth a trip. You can find there, among others, Rhino tank, Lazer P-996 jet, Buzzard helicopter and even a powerful Titan.
Fort Zancudo Alien/UFO First Encounter [Menyoo] 1.1. Hent Del. Jack1411. ... Sandy Drag Strip . 1.0. By Kcsaints66. Interior; Building; 1.137 12 Accident On Highway ... Enhanced Fort Zancudo . 0.5. By Sackfussel. Bygning; 4.88 ... 4.88 494 17 Crazy Train [Funny mod] 1.0. By jeremie dreux. Racetrack; 4.88 3 899 36 Zancudo Drag Strip ...
I never had this problem when I played GTA V on PS3, but the anti-aircraft weaponry at Zancudo in the PC version is pretty absurd. At about the 25-second mark, the voice comes over the radio giving me the no-fly zone warning, and my wanted level shoots to 4 stars. So, standard stuff. Hardly half ...
Co-written by The Turbo Man. The Cannonballers have returned for another race around the world for a five hundred million dollar first prize. Who will rise? Zancudo Drag Strip [YMAP] 3.0. Télécharger Partager. AgileCoast1. All Versions. 3.0 (current) 3 604 téléchargements , 22 ko 11 janvier 2019. More mods in maps ...
Not really, this is based off someone's work i implmented into game. If you find any maps I can make it fivem compatable and release it for public use.Fort Zancudo is a United States Military base located north of the Swamp, near Mount Josiah. It closely resembles the real-life Vandenberg Air Force Base in Lompoc, California. Not only is Fort Zancudo the only known military base in Grand Theft Auto V, it is the only known military base in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto games.
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